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ILSERRAMENTOINPVC.COM is nowadays between the European leaders in the distribution of PVC windows and doors with a high end offer of products. Thanks to the collaboration with the most powerful and known suppliers from Europe and using the latest technologies and machineries, the windows, doors, shutters or blinds, all tailor-made, assure personalized solutions for dimensions and functions. The professionalism of the Board of Directors,  responsibles and partners give the best results for the quality and also for the research of new products and services.

ILSERRAMENTOINPVC.COM is already present in 6 European countries with a very well structured web of re-sellers that are in charge for each phase of the sale, from consulting to post-sale assistance. In our showrooms the client can touch the products and see quality and prices. The highly qualified personnel offers guidance and consultancy so that the client chooses the best solution at the best price, then the installers will make the installation with the perfect precision. The re-sellers and the client support department of  ILSERRAMENTOINPVC.COM offer a perfect management and technical assistance of the orders with delivery times between 14 and 42 days from the confirmation of the order.

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For us the window is one of the most important elements of a building. We look through it, but we see it, we inspect it, we admire it. For us the windows are technological objects, design objects, something perfect like a mechanical watch that we use daily, probably more than a window or a furniture.